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For Sale Items

All prices include Shipping.  Insurance available for $2.00 TOTAL (NO EXTRA FOR MULTIPLE ITEMS).  Sunglasses include shipping insurance (no need to pay extra)

Additional Photos of box, etc. available upon request.

Paypal only!

Items are BRAND NEW, AUTHENTIC, no returns for any reason, sold as is!




I am not associated with Coach or Prada, these are items I have purchased.  Additional pictures available upon request.



$12.99 Coach Green Sandle


$12.99 Coach Silver Sandle


$12.99 Coach Rhinestone Heart Keyring


$12.99 Coach Rhinestone Pink Cat


$16.99 Coach Pink Purse Keyring


$14.99 Coach Red Flip Flop Keyring


$18.99 Prada Orange Bear Keyring


$69.00 Prada Sunglasses


$9.99 Jill Stuart Pink Glasses


$9.99 Jill Stuart Yellow Glasses


$18.00 LAVAGGI Breast Cancer Ribbon Brooch


$12.00 Lancaster Red Keyring


$12.00 Lancaster Blue Keyring 

$12.00 Made in Italy Stylish Brand New Bracelet Well Made in 925 Sterling silver. Total item weight 5.20g Length 8in


$12.00 Majestic Earrings With Genuine Marcasites Made of 925 Sterling silver Length 10mm -


$12.00 Wonderful Stud Earrings With 4.20ctw Cubic zirconia Beautifully Crafted in 925 Sterling silver -


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